I currently post videos to four different YouTube channels, each slightly different in nature, but all relating to my passion of running long on trails.

Run Steep Get High

This is my main channel for my own running adventures and our team’s race coverage videos. You can find my vlogs here dubbed appropriately enough “Steep Life”.

Check it out: Run Steep Get High on YouTube

Mountain Outpost

Our comedy channel devoted to all things crazy about our sport. I team up with my pals Schuyler Hall & Michael Carson to produce some fun and different content. We also have a weekly satirical news program where I play the character “Jam Jam” and dedicate the show to the “craziest sh*t to happen in running this week”.

Check it out: Mountain Outpost on YouTube

Steep Life Media

Our newest channel and still in the works. We’ll be posting client projects and demo reels for my new media production venture aptly named “Steep Life Media”. Reach out to me if you are looking for help with a video project.

Check it out: Steep Life Media on YouTube

Aravaipa Running

This channel focuses specifically on our trail running races and general information about trail running. We have a weekly Q&A show / podcast where live viewers can ask myself and co-host Jubilee Paige anything.

Check it out: Aravaipa Running on YouTube